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All of our FUN FACTORY products are produced from silicone and elastomer – both of which pose absolutely no health concerns. Silicone, according to the federal guidelines for pharmaceuticals (BAB), is suitable for use in the cosmetic and food and medical industries.

Silicone is gentle to the skin, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, odorless and has no taste.

All erotic toys out of this material are velvety soft, yet still maintain the necessary firmness. They quickly adapt to body temperature – ensuring a pleasant feeling upon insertion.

All FUN FACTORY toys should be used with a lubricating agent. We recommend FUN FACTORY “Toyfluid” (water-based) with its special recipe formulated just for use with silicone toys. This lubricant is easily removed from silicone toys and leaves no residue.

If you use a lubricant with oil basis (“Bodyfluid” for example has a silicone base) the surface becomes “soaked/roughened” and residue is left behind on the toy. We do not issue any kind of liability for this kind of damage. Always double check exactly what kind of fluid you are using! With “Toyfluid” you are always on the safe side!


We do not use any filling or glue materials harmful to the health. Sanitary manufacturing of products, low noise emission and flawless toy functionality are a matter of course for FUN FACTORY and are guaranteed by constant monitoring by our employees.             

Even our “Partner Games” are monitored by spot checks to ensure safety and quality for our FUN FACTORY customers.

Our body and intimate jewelry is also made of 100% silicone and therefore hypoallergenic.

Our complete “love yourself! Bodycare” line adheres in all areas of production to the eco-rating “very good” as established by the federal eco test standards, and are partially developed in keeping with FAIR trade standards.

Have lots of fun with our products!

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