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Return policy

Please take note of the following changes in FUN FACTORY’s return policy. Effective April 1st 2012, Fun Factory offers a 2-year warranty on all vibrating items purchased through FUN FACTORY directly or any Authorized Re-Seller. Please ensure you are buying from an authorized source. Please note that due to the nature of our products, claims are valid for defective items only. One time replacement per Customer.

At this time, unauthorized re-sellers include:

Health Time (Amazon store) or the Amazon direct store. We cannot guarantee that these resellers carry genuine, new Fun Factory products are therefore unable to honor the warranty for items purchased through this outlet.

Canadian Returns

Consumers who need a replacement product in Canada must contact the retail store directly. If the retail store is unable to replace a toy at their location, its sales associate must provide consumers with a contact for their Fun Factory Canadian distribution center. Distribution centers in Canada handle defective claims and return in their country. For reasons having to do with Canadian customs, Fun Factory USA is unable to ship replacements to Canada.

USA Returns

To obtain a replacement toy in the USA, consumers have two options:

1. Call the retail location where the product was purchased to inquire about their return policy. Most stores exchange products directly at store level.

2. If the store does not wish to replace a product, please send a claim to FUN FACTORY via email to: contact@funfactory.com. Your email must include a picture of your receipt.


Historically, defect rates on vibrators have been extremely low at FUN FACTORY. Should you experience a problem, please check the following:

1. Chargers: USB Charger is generally responsible for the problem. If the charger does not light up when the toy is charging, ask the retailer to try a different charger on the toy. If the light turns on with the replacement charger, the retailer only needs to exchange the charger

2. Batteries: if the product is battery operated, make sure the batteries are inserted IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, with the + and – poles in the right position (as indicated inside the battery compartment)  

Questions? We can be reached at:


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